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New and Unique Arrival: Our KUKA 1923 Leather Sofa

December 27, 2017

New and Unique Arrival: Our KUKA 1923 Leather Sofa

KUKA 1923 leather sofa joins our large KUKA family! The KUKA 1923 leather sofa possesses a beautifully balanced open form with, paradoxically, a slightly asymmetrical shape. A built-in center console breaks up the straight line of the KUKA 1923 leather sofa and effects an aesthetic that is grand in scope yet still intimate in feel. The console has a beautiful dark wooden top that is handy for holding a bunch of things and ensuring that they don’t fall out of pockets and laps and slip down the nooks and crannies of the couch. The console also opens up to a hidden but handsome storage space.

The console’s little headboard breaks up the skyline of the KUKA 1923 leather sofa silhouette and both acts as a padded arm rest and holds a built-in iPhone/iPod dock with embedded speakers so you don’t have to get up from the sublime comfort of the 1923 to fiddle with your home audio system just to unwind to a favorite song.


The elegant slender brushed stainless steel base of the KUKA 1923 leather sofa is ballasted by slim tubular center supports. The platform base of the KUKA 1923 leather sofa narrows slightly at both ends, adding to the overall shape of the sofa. The cushions as well as the back, arm and head rests of the KUKA 1923 leather sofa have piped seams that emphasize the outline of the sofa further and give it a perfectly composed look.

The back and padded head rests can be individually adjusted to your desired positions. You’ll never have to keep shifting to try and find a comfortable position anymore. KUKA 1923 leather sofa also comes with optional detachable lumbar support pillows for a wealth of comfort beyond compare.

Picket&Rail's KUKA 1923 leather sofa boasts a mechanism that engenders the seamlessly organic transition of the armrests to footrests just by swiveling them out. Just as the armrests are adjustable, so are the footrests; you can prop your feet up with incredible ease just because you feel like it. The revealed platform base beneath the armrests also becomes nifty functional side consoles.

Our KUKA leathers are, naturally, lush, durable and of the highest possible European quality. They also come in gorgeous deep hues for your pick.

KUKA is internationally renowned for continually breaking new ground and coming up with fresh new shapes and sofa designs. KUKA sofas are exclusive to Picket&Rail.