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Modular Sofas are the Future

February 14, 2018

Modular Sofas are the Future

What is a modular sofa?

Modular sofas are like multiple individual mini-sofas that clamp together to form a bigger sofa. You could theoretically buy a single section and just sit on that, but it's more fun to shop around and find the perfect combo for your home.


1. One of a Kind

Tired of the same old couches, rolling off the assembly line in the thousands or millions? Boring, generic sofas are everywhere on the market these days, so we thought we'd strike out with something a little different.

Remember the fun you had as a kid (or an adult) playing with lego bricks? The endless possibilities and ability to build anything you wanted as long as you had the right parts? With modular sofas, you can bring that creative power back to your living room. With a wide variety of innovative parts, like swivelling headrests, automatic recliners, and integrated storage, you can personalise your sofa to make it your own.


2. Endless choices

What if you like leather, but you also like fabric? Fabric feels nice and cool when the windows are open, but leather gives you that warm, snuggly feeling when the air con is blasting. Can't choose? Why not get both!

Modularity means you can have the best of both worlds. They say you can't please everyone, but we decided to try anyway. Choose from fabric and leather in many colors and patterns to build a sofa that can fit even the fussiest guest (or family member!). 


3. Top-of-the-line Materials

When you shop with us, customisability does NOT come at the expense of quality. Because Kuka is an industry giant with a huge supply capability, we can provide high quality leather and fabric at competitive prices. 


4. Built-in Convenience

Sofas are for a lot more than just sitting - we use them to take naps, have social gatherings, and just hang out with friends. 

Our modular system means that you can build all the functionality you want into the sofa. Beyond the normal seating sections and corner pieces, we can also provide side tables and storage compartments that are built directly into the sofa, saving you a headache trying to figure out which side table or ottoman to combine with your sofa.


4. Superior Upgrade Potential

There's nothing like fresh upgrades to make an old item feel like new again. Whereas normal, one-piece sofas are 'upgraded' by throwing them out and paying for a whole new one. We've changed that. Modular construction means that you can add sofa elements on demand, meaning you can always change your mind and tweak the sofa until it's just perfect for you. Want to add a touch of leather for that sophisticated look? We can do that. Want to add an integrated side table so you have somewhere to rest your drink while you watch Netflix? We can do that. Moving to a bigger place and don't want to waste money buying a whole new sofa for your living room? Look no further.


5. Apocalypse-Resistant

Our KUKA sofas come with our standard 3-Year Structural Warranty, but in case of any accidents or mishaps, modular technology means that any damage can be replaced on an as-needed basis. Gone are the days where a single scratch or spill mean you have to either live with it for the rest of the sofa's life or go through all the trouble of buying and installing an entire new piece of furniture. It's better for your pocket and also better for the Earth.


6. Reshuffle your Living Space

We often think of sofas as big, static, heavy and immovable. What if that same sofa could now split up and transform itself? You can divide your modular sofa into a series of luxurious chairs and arrange them around the coffee table to play a board game with your family, or split it into two and move half elsewhere to make way for a new armchair. Reconfigure one big sofa into two guest beds. Our sofas are uniquely flexible. Rather than working around the sofa when thinking about interior design, the sofa now works for you. Divide and conquer.  


7. Space Maximizing

Just like people, homes come in all kinds of different shapes and sizes. Modular technology means you can take advantage of whatever space you have in your home. It's possible to have a sofa wall-to-wall in a small living room, or attach multiple units together to create a huge super-sofa to finish off your home theatre, perfect for movie nights and viewing parties. 

8. Excellent Handling

Sometimes you can't get the big, plush, luxurious sofa you want because (this being Singapore) you might live on the 20th story. If that huge sofa doesn't fit in the lift, it's not going anywhere. We've heard so many horror stories of 2-meter and larger sofas being unable to fit in the lift, corridor, or worst of all make it all the way up only to get stuck at the doorframe, and end up being sold at 50% off on Carousell. Sofas that disassemble also tend to be constructed for flatpacking and not for strength, which isn't an issue with modular sofas, where every piece is a self-contained structure.


9. Go Electric

E-Cars and E-bikes seem to be the next big thing in 2018, but what about E-Sofas? With a discreet power plug slipped into your normal 3 point socket, your sofa can transform into a fully automatic recliner with the touch of a button. The seat can move into a fully reclined position, so you can go from sitting to lying down without moving a muscle. Relax in ultimate style.

10. Ultimate Comfort

Here's where words are insufficient to describe the sofas. At the end of the day, a great sofa is one you sit down on only to realise hours have passed before you get up again. The only real way to be sure is to come down and try it out for yourself - visit our showroom at 25 Tagore Lane to experience it for yourself.