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Featured Product: KUKA Jasper 1335 Luxury Leather Sofa

December 27, 2017

Featured Product: KUKA Jasper 1335 Luxury Leather Sofa

On the hunt for something unique for your place?

Our boy Jasper possesses a low boxy silhouette, accentuated by the slightly unconventional shape of its substantial arms. The boxy design is juxtaposed with the sofa’s thin plinth base, rendered in stainless steel, which looks to ‘outline’ Jasper's footprint. The effect is startlingly contemporary. Jasper also has ‘dimples’: a generously spaced tufted pattern that enhances the comfort of the commodious seats by following the contours of your body when you sit in it. The leather is luscious and comes in gorgeous, saturated hues for your pick, as expected from KUKA.

Jasper is a great statement piece that fully maximises your space, fitting in perfectly at the corner of a living room. Its headrests can also be pushed down to flatten its entire silhouette, creating an even more relaxed look as well as space at the back of the sofa. The generous surface area that will take up residency when you push down the headrests will spoil you and your belongings henceforth.

You’re going to practically live in your sofa for years down the road so don’t be afraid to invest, especially in a high quality leather sofa from a reliable, best-rated brand. Jasper is a fantastic deal to boot and still fully backed by the manufacturer, like every single original KUKA sofa. KUKA sofas are exclusive to Picket&Rail.