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An Original KUKA Sofa That Plays Hard and a Free Side Table That Works Hard

December 27, 2017

An Original KUKA Sofa That Plays Hard and a Free Side Table That Works Hard

Our new original KUKA luxury leather sofa #1873 (L-shaped) model is an ecosystem with all of its components beautifully, seamlessly integrated. It is equipped with a double-tiered backrest (because if one is great, then two turns it up to 11) that your back will adore; the backrest is adjustable to more than 15 different angles for brilliant lumbar support and comfort. Your entire body will feel renewed as a result.

The stylish quilted or herringbone pattern in the leather upholstery on the sides and middle of the sofa also lends it shape and volume in its distinctive design. The weighty stainless steel splayed base – with center grounds the entire design with structured, bold lines. Simple central posts underpin the entire structure further.

The sleek storage panel is easily accessible with a drop-leaf opening so you never have to fumble around for the remote control.

Your home entertainment system is cool enough but what takes the cake for convenience and ease of use would be the special built-in entertainment system that the original KUKA luxury leather sofa #1873. With the iPod dock and USB port, all you really need to do is put in your music player and sink into the sofa for a relaxing experience that indulges your senses.

Imagine, if you will, the heady smell of fine leather that can’t be replicated, the luxurious feel of authentic, sumptuous leather that envelops your body, the aesthetically-pleasing design and your own surround sound system. Our original KUKA luxury leather sofa #1873 is bound to be the pièce de résistance in your living room. There is nothing better than a sofa that apparently does it all- save for a complementary functional side table.

Beautifully wrought from charcoal grey metal, the modern side table in black rosewood color is perfectly scaled to and adds even more flair to your original KUKA luxury leather sofa #1873.

The narrowness of the Elvzo Side Table means that it is a great space-saver and you can drink and eat small snacks on your sofa comfortably without worrying about where to put down anything (let’s face it: the low height of the coffee table, not to mention the distance of it to the sofa, would be inhibitive). 

The Elvzo also acts as a multipurpose console table and increases your efficiency if you like to multi-task or simply work outside in your living room, on your plush sofa: it is the perfect height for your laptop to rest on.