A Moving Experience: Picket&Rail's Bella 1539 Leather Recliner Sofa

December 27, 2017

A Moving Experience: Picket&Rail's Bella 1539 Leather Recliner Sofa

What’s better than a leather recliner? We say, a leather recliner sofa. Because... you naturally want to share the good things in life and a shared experience only enhances the pleasure that you derive from it.

Our KUKA 1539 Bella leather recliner sofa has been surging in popularity in the last couple of months. Not surprising at all: Bella is amazingly comfortable and well-constructed, with levers on the sides; pulling out the lever easily opens up and reclines the sofa by extending the footrest and lowering the backrest simultaneously. Returning to the original upright position is as simple and intuitive as pushing down on the footrest while sitting upright.

Bella keeps a traditional recliner shape, albeit slightly updated, so its very looks evoke a relaxation response. Its padded high back has a slight convex that is merely accentuated by the segmented headrest to accommodate the body’s natural alignment and typical movements through the body’s range of postures. Bella provides great lumbar support. Her padded cushion seats are also inviting and the folded over armrests are distinctive, looking like a filling in a sandwich layer. The sides of the Bella leather recliner sofa possess a pleasant slope, adding to the shape that emphasizes how compact and versatile Bella really is. Bella's shape is also paralleled in her solid wood feet. The stitching that bifurcates Bella's backrests is clean. The leather is, naturally, lush and comes in gorgeous deep hues for your pick.

Kicking back in the comfiest of chairs after a long day is that much sweeter now with our current promotional discount of 40% on our currently available stocks of KUKA 1539 Bella leather recliner sofa. In fact, you might say that sitting in our KUKA 1539 Bella leather recliner sofa is a moving experience.